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HELVET UNDERGROUND label - electronic music with a dark edge
Cat. No. hu030
Release Date january 2010
Format Digital (wav, mp3, mp4)
Title Fausse Joie
Artists Les Poissons Autistes

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1) Les Jours où je me déteste plus que les autres 5:36
2) L'Histoire du slip du chien de mon père 6:28
3) Faible et un peu bête 6:11
4) Le Fils de l'obsédé 6:20
5) Qu'est-ce qu'on fait maintenant 8:08
6) Not so lost after all 7:21
7) Le Contrefacteur (drums: Arnaud Sponar) 13:36

Les Poissons Autistes continue to explore the possibilities of electroacoustic composition. On this release they dig deeper into their modern classical and electronica influences but keep also space for plenty of noise. To their usual bunch of instruments (electric guitar, trumpet, bass, treated voice, field recordings, laptops) they add this time acoustic guitar and baritone horn to widen their sound palette. As on their two previous albums ("Fort festif" on Deadvox and "Three Times Dead" with Hemlock Smith on Everest Records) the mood is dark, perhaps even more, but paradoxicaly it is also their most rythmic album to date, with three tracks sustained by a drum machine and one track with the live drumming of Arnaud Sponar (Goodbye Ivan, Opak).