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HELVET UNDERGROUND label - electronic music with a dark edge
Cat. No. hu023
Release Date january 2009
Format Digital (wav, mp3, mp4)
Title Space Summer
Artists Ludan Dross

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01 : Space Summer (PLASTIQUE DE REVE sweet rmx)
02 : Space Summer (AL COMET stratnoïse rmx)
03 : Space Summer (LUDAN DROSS rmx)
04 : Space Summer (POL rmx)
05 : Space Summer (AL COMET r2d2 rmx)
06 : Space Summer (SWOONBOY rmx)
07 : Space Summer (PORCUS sardinification rmx)
08 : Space Summer (AL COMET robot music rmx)

Electro space journey by Ludan Dross (ex Young Gods)
+ remixes by friends

The question is : where is the original track ?
probably lost in space...