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HELVET UNDERGROUND label - electronic music with a dark edge
  Helvet Underground is born first of January 2006.

It has been founded by Haribo Killer and POL.

Nowaday, POL is the only manager of the label.

Helvet Underground is about quality electronic music with a dark edge.

a choice of fine electronic music from swiss artists.

Helvet Underground is now releasing artists from all around the world.

Aside from Switzerland, hu artists are from : Spain, Peru, France, Italia, Colombia, Germany, Neuchatel and still growing.

In june 2008, Helvet Underground released his 20th digital record "Thought Control Re-Work", a reissue of a track by POL from hu001 "Covert Operation" with two dancefloor orienteded remixes by spanish producers Ruben Montesco and Raul Parra.

2009 is the year of the release of "Space Summer" first EP from Ludan Dross, ex-founder of the famous band The Young Gods. Also, two major artists from the label are gonna play a special clash-live-set for the Electron Festival : POL vs MISS DUCKIN (more).

The platforms where you can find Helvet Underground releases are :

- Beatport
- iTunes
- Amazon
- Virgin
- Od2
- Wippit
- Juno
- Rhapsody
- Fnac
- Music 4 Help
- MusicMe
- Emusic
- 7 Digital

Each year in spring, Helvet Underground organises a game of bowls competition for musicians and dj called "Label Boules".

Isn't life beautiful ?